3D Cat Butt Pop Up Card

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This hiss-terical pop up birthday card, Purrfect Day, is a cat lover’s weirdest dream come true. The front cover features a doe-eyed puss marginally interested in celebrating yet another birthday.

It reads, “4 out of 5 cats don’t care that it’s your birthday.” The inside of the card continues, “#5 cares too much. Have a purr-fect birthday!” This is where an enthusiastic 3D feline shows love the only way it knows how—by lifting tail and showing off its a**hole. Cat people know.

Get a big laugh with this hilariously offensive birthday card. 9 out of 10 agree: It’s better to clean up confetti farts than tug clumpy rubber bands out their back door.


Customer Reviews

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Lauren Chappell
So Fun

This card is hilarious and I cannot wait to give it to a couple friends for their birthdays. Such a fun idea that made me laugh.

Jenna Perez
This card was a HIT

I presented this card to my best friend a her birthday dinner at a nice restaurant. I cannot tell you how big of a hit it was, especially since it looks just like her 18 year old cat. Everyone wanted to see it and know where I got it. 10/10 would buy again.

Lennie DeCerce
Super cute

Adorable card! The recipient loved it.

Brian Greenwood
Love this card

Very nice card. Bought for someone and they loved it. Everyone laughed and wanted to know where I got it.