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Bag of Dicks: Gummy Candy by DickAtYourDoor

Fulfilled by our friends at DickAtYourDoor (aka ships separately)

If you’re in the market for a mouthful of delicious dick shaped gummies, have we got good news for you!

Whether you are sending these to a friend, spouse, or just enjoying a handful for yourself, our candy bag of dicks is easily one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your hands on so many delicious male genitalia.

We send our Bag Of Gummy Dicks in tightly sealed plastic then put in a pretty looking burlap sack bag, to ensure protection, and are always sent flaccid to ensure softness.

What these dicks lack in size, they make up for in spirit! Order yours now! 

A gift from the large, affluent, ultra-orthodox gummy bear community. They’re not your traditional gummy dick candy. These are the world’s finest candy dicks! We have spent hours, weeks, and years perfecting the perfect dick for anyone to shove into their mouth. Filling your mouth or someone else’s mouth with penis candy can seem scary at first, but don’t fret! We have created an easy and anonymous way where you can get dicks into the hands and mouths of anyone you please! Everyone deserves the chance to eat a dicks! You can even include double and triple the dicks as well as your own personalized messages on the bag of dicks!

Give it a shot and see how delicious these little peckers really are!

10 gummies/bag


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Kristi Driscoll
Great gag gift

Was a hit at Christmas for a hag gift!