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It’s time to move past the penis products, ladies. Let’s face it: dick-shaped everything is clichéd and lazy for a top-notch banger of a bachelorette party. Why not get the bride-to-be something classy? Like funny bachelorette party balloons that say “You’s a Ho,” “She’s Getting Fucking Married,” or “Cheers, Bitches.” If she a thirsty bitch, get her the Thirsty Bitch Bottle. And there’s nothing wrong with crushing on the bride and her besties with the Compliment Ballon Pack. If you like her butt, let her know. Get her a funny bachelorette party card or a necklace or a mug while you’re at it, we’ve got all that shit. But if you had to pick the perfect bachelorette party gift, get the Extra AF Bath Bomb. No, no wait — it’s gotta be the Saint Orgasma Candle. Now, we can’t guarantee that it helps summon the most amazing orgasms… but we can sure as hell imply it! You might even want one for yourself, just to see if it works.
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Mega Babe Mug

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