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It’s your anniversary, and you want to make it a night to remember. Time to ask for butt stuff with a balloon. (What’s that you say? Oh right, what we meant was the balloon will ask for butt stuff for you. That’s totally what we meant.) Whether you want to tell your partner “Hey, You’re Hot,” “I Fucking Love You,” or “You Make My Heart Happy,” we gotchu boo. When you need the most perfect, unique, funny anniversary cards, there’s “You Guys Nailed It on this Whole Perfect Couple Thing” and “I Hereby Invite You to Be My Lifetime Nap Partner.” Or if you’re looking for a simple anniversary gift, why not get the candle that says “You Annoy Me the Least,” or the balloon with a heart on it. Though if you ask us, the heart balloon works wonders when you combine it with the anniversary balloon that says it best: “Thanks for All the Orgasms. ❤︎”
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